The Unrivaled Stoke of Taco Night

There are a few occasions in life that demand an extraordinary amount of excitement – one’s wedding day, the birth of a child, a promotion at work, and that bucket list trip to Morocco where you unwittingly took part in a camel race, among others. And then there’s taco night. That’s in a category by itself.

By definition, taco night is the day of the week where you have tacos for dinner. Simple enough, right? But it’s more than just that. It’s an event that you plan your whole day around. For one night out of the week, you have a free pass from all responsibilities and obligations. A co-worker asks you to babysit their kids? Sorry, can’t do it; taco night. Your buddy wants to do sushi and a movie, say, Jupiter Ascending? Come on, Frank, you know better than that. Your boss wants you to do actual work at work? Not a chance, you have to plan for taco night, and you’re only halfway through your taco spreadsheet.

Why all the fuss? For starters, tacos are delicious. They’re one of those foods that seem to be universally well liked. And by well liked I mean people will cut in line in front of a baby to get their hands on ‘em. Cut throat stuff. They’re also worth the equivalent of an old Volvo in the event that you are using them as currency in the state of Nevada and parts of Canada (by no means fact checked). So there’s that, too.

But perhaps the best part about taco night, and tacos in general, is the ability to bring people together. Eat a taco or two, or three, or four, or five (holy smokes, Keith, eight tacos!?), drink some beer, talk to people, listen, laugh, meet your future significant other or Denzel Washington, whatever. Heck, maybe even convince your new friend Denzel Washington to partake in a taco race, winner takes the other’s car. Anything can happen on taco night, with anyone.

(Oh, you don’t have anybody to share taco night with? That’s cool too. I’ve done it by myself plenty of times. Not because I didn’t have friends, but because they had plans… and stuff. Like really important things and definitely not a sick dog excuse that came up last minute after I spent the entire day debating whether I would get hard tacos or soft tacos and finally just settled on a 50-pack of both.)

On one’s worst day, taco night is an opportunity to eat something tasty, and spend some time with quality people (even if that person is just you). On one’s best day, it’s a rare chance at a Career Day*. What does a career day feel like? Well, it’s kind of like riding a bike for the very first time. Riding a bike for the very first time at taco night? Quite possibly a Life Day**.

Not only that, but tacos are cost effective. I know, being stingy with money isn’t super becoming. But when your TV stand is a cardboard box that’s sitting on an empty suitcase, cost effective is nice. If you happen to fall in to that category, you can rest easy knowing the most expensive component of the evening will be the meat (outside of other things like alcohol and perhaps the odd piece of entertainment, like an indoor trampoline). And you can get like 16 pounds of lean beef for under $30 (depending on meat quality prices may vary).

Taco night is a versatile meal that can be enjoyed any day of the week, too. Yes, there is a certain romance about Tuesday. But I assure you, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are just as good. (If you’re not sure what day is best for you, tinker a little. A Tuesday here, a Thursday there, all seven days in a row starting today, whatever.)

At taco night, there are endless possibilities and opportunities. If you can think it, dream it, and put it in your taco spread sheet, it can happen. At its core, though, taco night is a chance to connect with good people over some tasty food. And while the people of taco night may come and go (for whatever reason), one thing always remains the same: taco night is something magical.

*One’s best day of the year.

**One’s best day of life.

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