Quiz: How Bro Are You?

Chances are, you’ve been affected by a bro in some way, shape, or form. And if you haven’t personally been affected by a bro, almost surely somebody you know or care about has. They’re everywhere—the gym, your class, the gym, a street corner, the gym. And their numbers are only growing. You may think they’re annoying and obnoxious, or you may admire their spirit. But, did you know, almost everybody has a little bro in them? (Yes, even you ladies!) Some more than others, of course, like the handful of guys you saw in the back of the grocery store having a push-up competition and slamming gallons of milk, only to slam cheap beer after that. But almost all of us are at least a little bro. To see just how bro you are, take the yes or no quiz below! At the end, tally up the yeses and see where you fall on the bro spectrum. Good luck!

1. Do you lift weights? Yes or No

2. Do you wear a T-shirt that has the sleeves cut off to lift weights? Yes or No

3. Do you spend time at work outlining your workout, perhaps in an excel spreadsheet? Yes or No

4. Do you pound a protein shake after you lift weights? Yes or No. If yes, do you use two scoops or more? Yes or No.

5. Have you ever skipped leg day at the gym for another round of chest and tri’s? Yes or No

6. Do you prioritize protein over pizza? Yes or No

7. Have you ever said, “Can you shave my back, bro?” Yes or No

8. Have you ever yelled in frustration after not successfully bench pressing a certain weight? Yes or No

9. Do you consider a chin strap sweet? Yes or No

10. Do you call girls bro? Yes or No

11. Have you ever called your mom bro? Yes or No (two points for answering yes)

12. Do you shave your chest more than twice a week? Yes or No

13. When starting a meaningful conversation, is the first word you say “bro”? Yes or No

14. Do you know what GTL means? Yes or No

15. Have you ever consumed more than five Natural Light’s (Natty’s) in one sitting? Yes or No

16. Do you prefer a red solo cup over a coffee mug? Yes or No

17. Have you had your tips frosted in the last year? Yes or No

18. Have you ever asked someone whether or not you should frost your tips? Yes or No

19. Do you know what frosted tips are? Yes or No

20. Have you ever eaten two or more McDoubles in the parking lot of your gym because you needed the extra protein before a lift? Yes or No

21. Is your favorite color salmon? Yes or No

Yeses: 1-7 — Level of bro: low

What this says about you: you’re the most understated of bros. When people see you on the street they see artist, doctor, teacher, bar tender, waiter/waitress, runner, gardener, nice guy/gal—not bro. And that’s probably how you see yourself, too. But deep down you’re a little bro. Not bro enough to put a protein scoop in your Saturday morning beer, but bro enough to probably go to the gym a couple of times a week or know what frosted tips are.

Yeses: 8-14 — Level of bro: medium

What this says about you: you’re a middle-of-the-road bro. You’re aware of your bro-like tendencies, but it doesn’t make up your whole identity. Sometimes you may look and act a lot like a bro, and other times you may not look and act like a bro at all. In your mind, a pleasant day could just as easily be a hike in the woods as it could be fist pumping to something by Cascade in a dark room with seven other guys/gals. You probably also find salmon as an attractive color.

Yeses: 15-23 — Level of bro: high

What this says about you: you’re the ultimate bro. When people think of “bro”, you’re what they see—say, a guy or gal sitting on the bench press longer than they need to, or somebody hanging out on a street corner lawn that has a sign reading, “You honk, we drink.” At this point, being a bro is more than just Saturday football tailgates or sharing another bro’s Sperry’s or asking another bro if they need help shaving their back—it’s who you are.

3 thoughts on “Quiz: How Bro Are You?”

  1. This is hilarious! Number: 16 is blasphemy; coffee is my go to drink. #20 McDoubles are eaten by anyone on a diet- when they know it is cheating but it feels so good as long as you leave off the condiments, plus it’s affordable.

    And lastly: #17. Have you had your tips frosted in the last year? I wish I had my hair done by anyone else but me and a box of L’Oréal Feria Hair Color(love it) But really I wish I made enough money to let someone else do it. I am on disability so that won’t happen anytime soon.

    By this list of question’s it seems you hit the gym a lot, bro. 🙂

  2. Hmm…and what if my score is 0 yeses? 😟 I feel like a Bro loser. Good thing I’m female.

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