Me!About me: My name is Devon Newport, and I started this website in the hope of making people smile, laugh, and maybe even think. Getting here hasn’t been a straight shot. After school I tried to play professional soccer (things didn’t quite work out and at one point I thought I was lost in Turkey – the country, not the sandwich), got a real job, quit a job, got another real job, quit another job. Now I’m starting a blog and going back to school. Needless to say, life is super easy and I have everything figured out.

I am a writer, student, and washed up soccer player who still likes to lace ‘em up on Sundays. I’ve worked as a freelance writer for a number of online publications, as well as a copywriter for a marketing company. Money was good*. Those jobs had me write about sports and things I didn’t really care for, but my writing here will be focused on the things I do care about, and the things that make me laugh and smile.

About Grand Little Adventures: I like to wander – hike up mountains, drive across the country, get lost in new cities, dine in fancy restaurants with loved ones, explore the world and all the great things it has to offer. But for as much as I love getting out there and going on big adventures, the majority of my time is spent not doing these things. Which is more than okay, because there’s magic in these moments too. And that’s what I like to think Grand Little Adventures is about; not the grand adventures, but the moments in between, and the joy, excitement, laughter, and life satisfaction that can be found there.

Subjects you’ll see: Humor (I like to think so, at least), the everyday adventures, and other stuff too. A lot of these stories will be true, but some will be sensationalized, and others will be created entirely from imagination.

Sponsorship: I don’t have any sponsorships at the moment. However, if you think your brand pairs well with the message of my website and are interested, I’d love to chat. Contact me at dnewpor [at] gmail [dot] com. (Email is as it reads.)

*As such, I’m back in school and get terrible anxiety about adding guacamole to my burrito.