Why You Should Spoil Your Significant Other

The stereotype on being spoiled is a negative one. It’s a kid who gets all the toys they ask for, or somebody who never hears the word no. Basically, a person who gets everything they want. But being spoiled doesn’t have to mean that—at least, not to me. To me, it can mean going above and beyond what’s considered ordinary for somebody you care for. Like your significant other. And is that such a bad thing?

So then, how do you do that, exactly? Go above and beyond, that is. Is it with a gift? Perhaps a teddy bear and some flowers. Or tickets to the big game. Or a surprise brunch at the park with some wine and cheese (the fancy kind, too!). Or is it with love and affection? A genuine, lasting hug. A kiss on the cheek when they’re not expecting it. Spending an entire day together doing whatever they want. Well, I say it’s all of the above. And more. Whatever comes to your mind, really. There’s no one way, or right way, to spoil your significant other. It only matters that you do. Here’s why:

Because they deserve it.

It’s that simple. Now go and tell your significant other they are the best thing to ever happen to you, and that you also have a coupon for them for a twenty minute back rub. From you. Because, you know, they deserve it.